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J&L OSC Sponsorship Requests

 J&L OSC Sponsorship Requests

“Do you offer sponsorships?”

When it is mutually beneficial to you and to us. More on that below.

“What do I get in a sponsorship package?”

Sponsorships are considered on a case by case basis and may range from personal discounts on purchases to actual merchandise. At the end of the day, it is about that “mutually beneficial” thing. We are putting our reputation and our brand on your vehicle, so our investment in you goes far beyond the price of a component.

“What do I need to do to be considered for a sponsorship?”

First, a plan. For yourself and for us. Are you simply looking for free parts? We get those requests daily and frankly most are discarded. To be considered, think in terms of your entire build and how J&L Oil Separator Co. plays a part in it. Have that plan in writing and include the following in an email to

  1. Your name, address and contact information.
  2. Make, model and year of vehicle. AND the current status of the build.
  3. Types of activity you participate in (shows, racing, etc).
  4. Awards and accolades thus far.
  5. Your social media presence (screen names, platforms, followers, etc).
  6. Your social media and event plan for the next 12 months.
  7. The type of sponsorship you are requesting; discount, parts, etc.
  8. Your “need by” date.

“Anything else I need to know?”

Yes! First of all, be patient after you submit your request. We’re busy and we’ll address your request as soon as we can. We get lots of them but our primary concern is taking care of our customers first! DON’T call us to ask if we received your email. DON’T DM, PM or use social media to request or follow up. Finally, be aware that you are requesting a level of partnership as well as sponsorship so we WILL look at your social media presence and it absolutely makes a difference. This is not just about page views, likes and followers. Your rep is extremely important to us. There is a lot to be said in considering the public reputation of someone who we want to represent our company.